Safety first on The Glass Works construction site

Following the easing of the coronavirus lockdown restrictions and the Government’s desire to see major construction projects continue, work on the retail and leisure phase of The Glass Works is beginning to get back up to speed – with a target completion date of late 2021.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Henry Boot Construction – the award-winning contractor that also worked on Phase One of The Glass Works scheme – has implemented a number of measures to ensure their team can continue to work safely on The Glass Works site.

These measures are in line with government guidance and the latest Construction Leadership Council (CLC) Operating Procedures, and The Glass Works construction team is continuing to monitor and adapt to the evolving situation.

A social distancing canteen

One of the measures that Henry Boot has put into place is a new canteen, which has been created to ensure social distancing at breaks, keeping operatives safe as they eat.

The canteen can hold up to 50 people and has fixed tables and chairs, which are placed two metres apart. The tables display a useful red and green card system – if the card is green, the operatives are assured the table is clean and ready for use. Before the operatives leave the table, they will then turn the card over to red.

A one-way system to get around the canteen and social distance queuing have also been introduced.

Family and household teams

Another measure used by Henry Boot Construction to enable a safe working environment has been to team up family members who live and work together, as well as operatives who live together in the same shared housing.

Gavin and Adam Justice are one such father and son team. They work for Global Interiors and are carrying out dry lining and fire stopping work on the site. Asked about their experience working during lockdown, Gavin said:

“There have been a lot of changes, but we’ve found the measures easy to follow and they make us feel safer. As we live together, we’re able to work closer together on site.”

Sergiu and Fiodor Nichita are another family team. The pair work for Certa Roofing and Cladding Limited and live together. Sergio and Fiodor are currently working on installing cladding and insulation. Sergiu says of the measures:

“We find it’s easy maintaining working practices at The Glass Works. I live with my dad and family and we work together on-site. This allows us to work closely without needing to maintain social distancing.”