Video and Photography Policy

The Glass Works is one of the most popular landmarks in Barnsley and South Yorkshire, so we can understand why our visitors would love to take photos and videos while they visit. However, to ensure the safety and protect the privacy of our visitors and staff, we have a few ground rules we ask you to follow.

Members of the public are permitted to take photographs and videos of their family and friends, for personal, private, and non-commercial use only.

We understand that occasionally other members of the public may appear in the background of your photographs and videos, this is acceptable as long as those people are not the focus of the photograph or video, and you have not deliberately included them.

Photographs and videos of the public areas and architecture are permitted, but not the non-public areas of the buildings or our security systems.

The taking of photographs and videos of the inside or outside of any individual store, market stall, restaurant, bar or other is not permitted without the individual permission of the store’s manager.

Photographs and videos of any of our security, customer service, cleaning, maintenance, or management team without explicit permission are also prohibited.


Professional and Commercial Photography or Filming

The Glass Works is privately owned and the areas it covers are private property. If you wish to take any photographs, films, or record for professional or commercial purposes, or for any other use not permitted in this policy, you must receive permission from the Centre Management Team in advance.

They can be contacted by email:

Please note that The Glass Works retains the right to refuse photography and filming at any time.

If you wish to learn more about The Glass Works’ Visitor Code of Conduct, please click here.