Dolly’s Desserts is a desserts stall located within the Market Kitchen in Barnsley Markets. We are a small family-run business, with a small team of staff working together to provide high-quality food and drinks to our customers.

Job description

A successful candidate is expected to be available to work weekends and during the school holidays. Experience is preferred in working in food and hospitality. Candidates must be able to work both individually and as part of a team, be confident when serving customers, and be able to think on the spot in busy and highly pressured situations. You are also expected to show up to shifts on time and be prepared to work.

Job responsibilities include:

– Serving customers politely and professionally, handling money and the use of a till.
– Handling, preparing and serving a variety of food and drinks, whilst maintaining a high standard of food hygiene.
– Cleaning the stall throughout the day, and after closing at the end of the day.

This job is for a temporary role and will be made to be permanent if well fitted and more hours will be available, we are opening a new shop so this will be training experience for a potential permanent position in October.

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Dolly's Desserts Kiosk

Job Title

Team Member

Job Type


Full Time/Part Time

Part Time (8 hours minimum)

How to Apply

To apply, send your application via email to -